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Mango & Coconut Spray Conditioner

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Introducing Yafa Queen Hair Detangling Mango & Coconut Conditioner Spray - the ultimate solution for stubborn knots and tangles. Say goodbye to time-consuming hair battles with this fast-acting spray that effortlessly unlocks even the most stubborn knots, leaving your hair feeling irresistibly soft, smooth, and incredibly manageable. This innovative formula is carefully crafted with the perfect blend of nourishing mango and coconut extracts, providing deep hydration and restoring your hair's natural vitality.

And as an added bonus, the delightful fresh fruit scent will leave your senses rejuvenated and uplifted, bringing a refreshing tropical experience to your hair care routine. Experience the difference with Yafa Queen Hair Detangling Mango & Coconut Conditioner Spray - the perfect companion for effortlessly beautiful and luscious locks.

Nourishing Ingredients

Chamomile extract, honeyquat, silk amino acids, mango, fragrance oil, coconut fragrance oil.

How To Use

Spray on wet or dry hair, then comb through the hair to reduce tangles.

Benefits + Details

  • Made with a blend of nourishing ingredients and 100% gentle on your hair and your family's hair.
  • Whether your hair is wet or dry, this spray works its magic without any harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, or dyes.
  • Experience the joy of effortlessly combing through your hair or your child's long, tangled locks.
  • Effectively breaks up tangles and leaves your hair silky smooth.
  • Leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean.

6 oz. round bottle

Ships within 2-5 business days

We ship orders within 2 to 5 business days sometimes we need more time during any holiday. Customers should receive their order in 2 to 3 business days within USA and 7 to 10 business days outside USA (Canada and International).

Mango & Coconut Spray Conditioner
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