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Chamomile & Tea Tree Face Scrub

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    There are so many
    benefits and reasons as to why you should incorporate exfoliating to your
    beauty routine.


    - When you exfoliate
    regularly you help remove ingrained dirt all dead skin and improve the overall
    look of your face.


    - When you scrub away
    the old flakey skin you reveal a softer and smoother looking skin.


    - I chose chamomile and
    tea tree oil together because they work amazingly on acne and oily skin.


    - Chamomile is well
    known to help decrease redness, reduce inflammation and calm down irritated
    skin. It calms angry acne and soothes rosacea.


    - I used tea tree oil
    in this scrub; this magic oil has natural antibacterial properties which can
    help you to get rid of acne, scars and black spots.


    - Acne is one skin disease that affects the
    beauty of its victims negatively. It is one disorder nobody wishes for.

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    We ship orders within 2 to 5 business days sometimes we need more time during any holiday. Customers should receive their order in 2 to 3 business days within USA and 7 to 10 business days outside USA (Canada and International).

    Chamomile & Tea Tree Face Scrub
    Chamomile & Tea Tree Face Scrub
    Chamomile & Tea Tree Face Scrub
    Chamomile & Tea Tree Face Scrub
    Chamomile & Tea Tree Face Scrub
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