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Aloe & Cucumber Face Toner

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    cool as a cucumber on the go, Yafa Queen alcohol-free cucumber witch-hazel
    toner with aloe vera features is a sense of cucumber, fillet of aloe vera and my
    proprietary witch hazel extract.



    is packed with vitamin C and Caffeic acid, which are key in soothing the skin
    by reducing puffiness and irritation.



    in cucumbers diminish clogged pores and help fade dark circles under eyes,
    blemishes, and scarring. Vitamin B-5 and cucumbers also help to retain moisture
    in the skin allowing for your skin to feel fresh all day.



    vera formula soothes irritation and removes pore-clogging debris from the skin



    vera is a colorless gel extracted from within the leaves of the aloe vera
    plant, fillet of aloe vera is very hydrating, healing, and increases absorption
    of nutrients in the skin making it a very effective product to use prior to
    serums or creams.



    hazel in the strong antioxidants and astringent it is one of the most effective
    natural cleansers and acne treatments.



    of witch-hazel reduces excess oil build-up and bacterial growth on the skin
    heals infections, reduces redness and inflammation, and holds the development
    of blackheads and whiteheads.



    vera is widely known as one of Nature's best non-greasy skin moisturizers is
    also nutrient-rich containing vitamin A vitamin C and vitamin E, giving it
    excellent skin brightening and anti-aging qualities. 

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    8 Oz Round Amber Bottle

    Ships within 2-5 business days

    We ship orders within 2 to 5 business days sometimes we need more time during any holiday. Customers should receive their order in 2 to 3 business days within USA and 7 to 10 business days outside USA (Canada and International).

    Aloe & Cucumber Face Toner
    Aloe & Cucumber Face Toner
    Aloe & Cucumber Face Toner
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