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The following use provides relief from the  the discomfort of Psoriasis, Rheumatic pain, Arthritis, Eczema, Muscular pain and Stress. ARAD brings you these natural recipes for relaxation, rejuvenation and healthy skin to experience in the comfort of your home.

Bath with Dead Sea Salt crystals

Phase 1: for all users

Dissolve 250g - 500g. of Dead Sea Salts in the bathtub filled with warm water. Soak in the tub for 20-25 minutes.

First time users: use only 250g. of salt for a standard tub of 80 liters. If your overall feeling is comfortable, you may increase the quantity of salt for the next treatment. 

If you suffer from high blood pressure or cardio logical problems, you should consult your doctor before taking a bath using the Dead Sea Salt crystals.

Repeat this twice or three times a week for three weeks and then wait for a week. Use with cold Maris Litmus mud After taking a bath there is a recommended phase of use for people whose problem areas are not bleeding and have been in relatively good condition during the year.

Apply a thick layer of Maris Litmus to the area to be treated. First application time should be a maximum of 15 minutes.

1.      For further uses, the time frame can be extended to 25-30 minutes.

2.      Wash the area with lukewarm water

Creams for the whole body

Massage our Foot Cream, Hand Cream, Hydra Balance Body Butter or Body Lotion into the skin.

Use of heated Maris Litmus mud can help Joints that were damaged by psoriasis

After taking a bath, (see phase 1), heat the Maris Litmus mud in a warm water bath or a microwave to a temperature of about 38ºC. Apply it in a thick layer to the treated area. Wrap the Maris Litmus mud with an osmotic plastic sheet, and cover it with a towel or blanket to keep the heat in for 20 min. Wash the area with warm water.

Apply creams accordingly after the use of Mud.